Jessica Bowers

My name is Jessica Bowers and I am the counselor at Barnes Elementary.  I graduated from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Math in 1997.  I am certified to teach Elementary Education for grades 1-8 and  English as a Second Language in grades EC-4.  I also graduated from Texas A&M- Corpus Christi with a Master of Science degree in 2003 and am certified by the State of Texas as a School Counselor for grades EC-12.  I have 19 years of teaching experience and am enjoying my second year of counseling, helping to mold  young minds at Ella Barnes Elementary. 

Counseling Program

The counseling program at Barnes Elementary provides students with small group opportunities, as well as classroom guidance and counseling, to support the students’ success in school.  The campus wide program consists of developmentally appropriate activities and materials that deal with educational, personal, and social development. Classroom guidance is offered each week and teaches Character First components.   Students participate in classroom lessons targeting social skills training and empathic understanding.  Students are taught social skills problems solving through the Kelso’s Choice Program. We also focus on fueling our ride through life with positive energy to find the strength to overcome any challenges, through the book The Energy Bus for Kids by Jon Gordon.  

Barnes also has the wonderful opportunity to be involved with the Kid's Hope USA mentoring program. Ella Barnes Elementary School has developed a partnership with Yorktown Baptist Church through KIDS HOPE USA- a program that trains caring older teens and adults how to befriend children and help them learn.   

I hope that you find the information on this page useful.  If at any time you should need to contact me, I would love to hear from you!
(361) 878-7332
Email: jessica.bowers@ccisd.us


School Counselor’s Creed

>Barnes' counselor values each and every student that walks through our doors, so I will:

-  Communicate to every student I meet that each is special.
-  Help them solve problems and try to find a solution.
-  Encourage and support all students.  
-  Be there when they need someone to listen. 
-  Help them see the value in themselves.
-  Believe in students’ dreams and persist in assisting them to imagine what some say is impossible. 
-  See miracles that they perform in everyday tasks at home and at school 
-  Remind the students that they can get along with each other no matter what the problem. 
-  Give the students I meet each day a chance to be happy, successful, and caring people.
-  Love the students always.


In need of school supplies?  Please ask how I  can help.

crossroad_sign          Small Group Sessions:

   I would like to start meeting with small groups to cover    coping skills for students who are new to school and    having a hard time adjusting, students who are going    through a divorce or separation, students who have    recently lost a parent, or students who struggle with social skills.  If you think your child would benefit from small group sessions covering any of these areas, please email me at jessica.bowers@ccisd.us 

Please read over new law passed on September 1, 2017 in regards to bullying in schools. Watch powerful video for parents to get advice on cyberbullying: www.soulbehindthatscreen.org


Click here to download a printable PDF summary of David’s Law.

Click here to read all of S.B. 179 David’s Law.

Education Code:
Under David’s Law, Texas public schools will have the authority to address cyberbullying that occurs off-campus. Schools will be required to notify a bullying victim’s parents of a bullying incident within three business days after the incident is reported and must notify the parents of an aggressor within a reasonable amount of time. School procedures for reporting bullying incidents must include anonymous reporting for students. Schools will be able to expel students who engage in very serious bullying. This includes bullying that (i) encourages another student to commit suicide (i.e., suicide baiting), (ii) incites violence against another student, or (iii) involves releasing indecent photos of another student. Strong protections from civil or criminal liabilities will be given to schools and school personnel who report criminal bullying to law enforcement officials. There will be new provisions in the law to promote metal health education, including education about the effects of grief and trauma on a student’s mental health and learning. The role of school counselors will be expanded to include mediating interpersonal conflicts among students, including accusations of bullying.

Civil Code:
David’s Law will make it easier to obtain an injunction (similar to a protective order) from a Texas court to prevent continual cyberbullying against a student. Victims will be able to have the court issue an injunction against not only the cyberbully, but also against the cyberbully’s parents, requiring those parents to take action to stop their child from cyberbullying. The Texas Supreme Court’s office will make easy-to-use forms available to the general public to allow parents to obtain an injunction against ongoing cyberbullying of their children without the need for hiring a lawyer.

Criminal Code:

The definitions in the harassment provisions of Texas criminal laws will be modernized to better include the current ways cyberbullies attack victims through smart phones and social media. Cyber-harassment against a child that includes suicide baiting or the violation of an injunction against cyberbullying will be a much more serious criminal offense than before, up to Class A Misdemeanor.

Barnes Elementary would like to offer the community Parent Classes conducted by the following organization (please contact me if you are interested in attending classes at jessica.bowers@ccisd.us or call 878-7332):  


Texas Families: Together and Safe (TFTS)

When stressed families don’t communicate well...

...teens and adolescents can become rebellious, siblings begin to fight, and it’s hard for parents to know how to bond with their kids but still guide, supervise and discipline them when necessary. Many families today are over-worked, stressed, and struggling to make their home a peaceful, nurturing and stable environment. If that sounds like you,
submit our brief online contact form.

Texas Families: Together and Safe (TFTS)
is a parenting education program that shows families how to:

  • Resolve conflict and improve communication among family members
  • Improve children's behavioral problems
  • Deal with complicated issues like strong emotions, aggression, alcohol and violence
  • Validate the parents' strengths

Family eligibility Requirements:

  • Have a target child between the ages of 3 and 17
  • Live in Nueces County
  • Have no ongoing or open CPS case or investiatin
  • Have no previously substantiated case of abuse or neglect

Perks of Participating in Group Sessions:

  • Community resources (counseling services, transportation assistance and other referrals)
  • Basic needs support (clothes, shoes, diapers and food)
  • Free childcare provided during group sessions (LIMITED)
  • Session incentives, Certificate of Completion and graduation gift provided


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